Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes for GI Support by Nordic Naturals - For a Healthy Gut and Improved Digestion

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  • Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes for GI Support by Nordic Naturals - For a Healthy Gut and Improved Digestion
  • Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes for GI Support by Nordic Naturals - For a Healthy Gut and Improved Digestion
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  • Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes for GI Support by Nordic Naturals - For a Healthy Gut and Improved Digestion
  • Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes for GI Support by Nordic Naturals - For a Healthy Gut and Improved Digestion

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Nordic Naturals Digestive Enzymes for GI Support are the smart alternative to animal-sourced enzymes.

Optimal cellular health starts with a fully functional digestive system that allows the body to process and absorb the nutrients it receives. We are happy to introduce the new Nordic Naturals Digestive Enzymes.

Why enzymes?
- Helps body break down foods properly
- Ensures proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients
- Helps you maintain digestive health and improves overall health
- Prevents discomfort from lack of proper enzymes needed to digest food properly
- Helps lessen stress on the body due to lack of enzymes needed to digest food properly
- Improved gut health improves the mind and emotions, and overall feelings of wellness!

This supplement:
- Supports normal digestive processes and optimizes nutrient availability*
- Non GMO and vegetarian
- Works across a wide pH range—from the acidic stomach to pH-neutral upper intestinal tract*
- Formula includes papaya enzyme (papain), vegetarian pancreatin analog, and lactase
- Certified vegetarian—derived exclusively from microbial and plant sources
- Formulated to provide support without adding unnecessary alterations to normal digestion*

Featuring a select group of high-quality enzymes, Nordic Naturals Digestive Enzymes supports normal digestive processes and optimizes nutrient availability by helping the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into smaller, digestible molecules.* In contrast to many other enzyme supplements, this product is certified vegetarian, and derived exclusively from microbial and plant sources. An added benefit of these microbe-sourced digestive enzymes is that they work across a broad pH range, including both the acidic stomach and the more alkaline intestine.* Formulated with papaya enzyme, vegetarian pancreatin analog, and lactase, these research-backed enzymes are designed to support normal human digestion without adding unnecessary enzymatic factors that could potentially alter the digestive process.*

Digestive Support from Plants & Microbes*
Unlike comparable digestive products designed to restore deficiencies that are likely not present in patients, Digestive Enzymes is designed to provide clean, targeted support for normal human digestion.* By providing a full spectrum of high-quality, vegetarian enzymes that work across a wide pH range, Digestive Enzymes helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to optimize nutrient availability.*

-Specially formulated with papaya enzyme (papain), vegetarian pancreatin analog, and lactase
-Non-GMO and certified vegetarian—derived exclusively from microbial and plant sources
-Works across a wide pH range—from the acidic stomach to the more pH-neutral upper intestinal tract

Food provides us with the life-sustaining fuel our bodies need to carry out innumerable cellular and metabolic functions. However, even the richest sources of nutrients are of little use without enzymes that can digest them into the basic building blocks of our cells.* Only as small molecules can our food pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream to be used for nourishment and energy. Enzymes naturally residing in the mouth, stomach, pancreas, and small intestine aid this process by deconstructing the macro molecules that compose our food into component parts.

More specifically:
-Amylase enzymes break down carbohydrates into monosaccharides
-Protease enzymes break down proteins into amino acids
-Lipase enzymes break down fats into fatty acids

A variety of uncomfortable and serious health issues can arise if sufficient levels of these digestive enzymes are not present to sustain digestive functions and extract the nutrients we need from food.* Given the critical roles these enzymes play in maintaining all structures and functions within the body, it is critical to support adequate levels of enzymes from the amylase, protease, and lipase groups in order to maintain digestive health and overall wellness throughout the lifespan.*

Factors Influencing Enzyme Functionality
Research indicates that variables such as advanced age, use of antacids and acid suppressors, chronic inflammation, and health conditions associated with pancreatic insufficiency can negatively impact the production and activity of digestive enzymes, which in turn may lead to impaired food digestion. Fortunately, the use of exogenous digestive enzymes in clinical practice has been shown to support normal digestive activities.* Specifically, studies show that supplementing with digestive enzymes can: improve malnutrition outcomes and nutrition status, increase nutrient absorption, promote normal digestive activities, and promote overall quality of life for individuals dealing with reduced enzyme functionality.*

Considering the Optimal Source of Enzymes
While the research on supplemental digestive enzymes clearly demonstrates their value for managing digestive issues associated with reduced enzyme functionality, the optimal source for deriving these enzymes is less clear.* Historically, digestive enzyme supplements have used exogenous pancreatic enzymes taken from bovine or porcine sources.1 Animal-based pancreatin can provide a rich source of proteolytic, amyolitic, and lipolytic enzymes and are well-recognized as adjuvant tools in clinical practice.2 However, they are not without their disadvantages and limitations.

For one thing, pancreatic enzymes from animals are not a viable option for vegetarians or vegans, or for those with religious beliefs precluding consumption of pork or beef. An additional limitation is that animal-based enzymes become unstable in low pH level (acidic) environments, rendering them largely ineffective in the stomach. A common method for circumventing this issue is to coat enzymes in enteric (polymer); however this method is not without its own concerns and limitations.

Advantages of Vegetarian Enzymes

-In contrast to these limitations, research finds that enzymes from plant (e.g., pineapple and papaya) and microbial sources (e.g., bacteria and fungi) offer several distinct advantages over animal-based enzymes:

-Plant- and microbe-derived enzymes are naturally capable of remaining active across a wide range of pH levels.* As a result, they can support digestion in both the highly acidic stomach and more pH-neutral intestinal environment.*

-The ability to sustain functionality within a diverse range of pH levels and temperatures means that a lower dose of these enzymes can be used relative to their animal-based counterparts.*

-Unlike animal-based enzymes, vegetarian enzymes offer support for normal human digestive functions without introducing foreign enzymatic factors intended for non-human digestive activities.*

Improve Clinical Efficacy for All Patients with Vegetarian Enzymes

The research reviewed indicates that supplementation with digestive enzymes can play a supportive role in the healthy breakdown of food for individuals with reduced enzyme production or activity. In addition to benefiting a variety of digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, these findings have important implications for improving the overall health of individuals with compromised nutritional status.* While the clinical benefits of enzymes from animal sources are well recognized, the clinical efficacy of supplementation may be improved with vegetarian enzymes from plants and microbes, which research shows can provide similar enzymatic functions at a lower dose and over a wider range of chemical environments.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Directions for use

Take one capsule daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.

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