Brain Kits... COMING SOON!

Brain Kits... COMING SOON!

These kits are for easy and affordable one-stop shopping.
It would be very hard to find each of these wonderful supplements together in one place, and with a matching price and free shipping anywhere else on the web. Each item in this kit is of the best, top quality and purity. For one order, you get everything you need for optimal brain health, each month at a fantastic price. We price this low so more people can take advantage of the research-based selection of brain and body health supplements. We hope you love these kits as much as we do.

NatureMade4U Brain and Longevity Kits
We did the research and you get the benefit.
We offer FOUR main types of Brain Kits
-Pick the one that fits your budget and health needs.
-Each kit is designed for one month supply.
-For each of the four Brain Kits there are two options: mainlyvegetarian or strictlyvegetarian.
-The only difference between the kit options of regular and veg is the choice offered of fish- vs. algae-derived omegas.

Below is a brief description of each kit.
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BUDGET Brain Kit
Start here to help your brain and health on a small budget. This kit contains two absolutely key supplements, essential for proper health, especially in the aging process.

If you are a vegetarian, these can be considered essential since they are not easy to find in a veggie diet. Most people, especially vegetarians are VERY low in B12 and hence have VERY high, toxic levels of an otherwise OK cell pathway substance, homocysteine. This is not good for the brain or the heart or blood vessels etc. B12 is good for every cell and everyone. Decades of omega research shows clearly that supplementing with omegas at 500 to 2000 mg or more per day is beneficial from pregnancy across the lifespan to senior years. Good for brain, heart, skin, eyes; every cell membrane to function properly depends upon an optimal level of EPA and DHA. The modern western diet is not at all helpful in this regard, filling our bodies with overwhelming levels of pro-inflammatory omega 6s instead of the essential, anti-inflammatory omega 3s. Our research leads us to choose this Nordic Naturals brand Omega 3s as the absolutelybest quality and combination withoutany extra cost – in our Budget Brain Kit!


BASIC Brain Kit
This kit includes everything in the Budget Kit PLUS … 2 more key vitamins: Full spectrum natural source B complex and Vitamin D3. The small increase in price is well worth it because both of these additions are highly significant.

While B12 is essential, a full spectrum B formulation has been known for decades to be fundamental to good health and proper aging. This product is natural sources and not from chemicals. We offer NN vitamin D3 with more and more research showing how it benefits not just bones and skin, but nearly every aspect of cell physiology and healthy tissue integration. Yes, in young adults, daily sunlight exposure gives you good levels of D3. But, if you are behind a desk, in Northern climates or even just over 60, then the sun is not helping you much, or at all. So, less than a dollar a day helps you to be safe with daily D3.

This kit includes everything in the Basic Kit PLUS …. 3 key energy regulators for your brain, heart and whole body. For minimal extra cost, if you are over about 50, this one is for you.

With increasing age, levels of these three substances are known to be significantly reduced leading to poor or dysfunctional energy production in your brain cells. Energy moves life: when our energy factories (cellular mitochondria) are not performing well, then we have less energy, less memory, less health.

More specifically, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can help with dementia, liver disorders, oral health, cancer, headaches and cardiovascular health. A major cause of aging is the deterioration of the energy-producing components of the cell including Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and CoQ10 above, which results in reduced cellular metabolic activity, the accumulation of cellular debris, and eventual death of the cell. L-carnitine helps to maintain cellular energy metabolism by assisting in the transport of fat through the cell membrane and into the mitochondria within the cell, where these fats are oxidized to produce the cellular energy ATP. With overall better energy supply, all your cells, and you, just work better!

For the happiest brain, we suggest this kit. It costs a bit more, but then, you get more.
In this case, you get a bottle of the well-known MAPI brand Stress-Free Mind, a full spectrum of Ayurvedic herbs for a naturally settled and clear mind. Plus, you get a months supply of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), a supplement documented to help with mood disorders, brain problems, respiratory oxidative problems, sleep disorders, infections, flu, diabetic insulin resistance, and conditions of oxidative stress, even cancer.  Since a fundamental factor of poor health and aging is the level of inflammation, NAC has a profound role in increasing the master antioxidant glutathione in the body. By increasing the antioxidant supply, inflammation can be better controlled and thus help mood, cognition, energy and the aging process.


Budget Brain Kit:
ProDHA Memory & B12. These NN Omegas are so pure that there is essentially no ‘fish’ left in the capsule. Most vegetarians are OK with taking this form of omegas. If you prefer algae omegas instead of fish, choose the kit below.

Veg Budget Brain Kit:
ProAlgae Omegas & B12
We offer this special NN algae-sourced choice of omegas.

Basic Brain Kit:
ProDHA Memory & B12,B Complex & D3

Veg Basic Brain Kit:
ProAlgae Omegas & B12,B Complex & D3

Essentials PLUS Brain Kit:
ProDHA Memory, B12 & Complex & D3, ALA & CoQ10,

Veg Essentials PLUS Brain Kit: ProAlgae Omegas, B12 & Complex & D3, ALA & CoQ10

Premium Brain Kit: ProDHA Memory & B12 & Complex & D3 & ALA &CoQ10, MAPI Stress Free Mind & NAC Detox Regulators

Veg Premium Brain Kit:
ProAlgae Omegas & B12 & B Complex & D3 & ALA & CoQ10, MAPI Stress Free Mind & NAC Detox Regulators

Finally, to view detailed information on any kit and the items within it, scroll down and click on the photograph of the kit below.

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