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How can I get receding gums to grow back?

While it is the gospel of the dental profession to claim there is no way for receding gums to grow back, we have had customers report back to us with another story. Every person's mouth and body is unique, and we can't guarantee your results will be the same as any other's. Likewise, we are not medical professionals and are unable to advise you in how to treat your condition. However, over the years we have had many customers share with us that after using our products their gums have grown stronger, returned to their healthy pinkish color and stopped receding, or even grew back. Give our products a try to see what they can do for YOU.

On this note, our SuperComfort Rescue Kit products are most appropriate for those dealing with gum disease and gum recession. For best results, follow the full protocol which includes these four items. Each may be purchased separately as well.

SuperComfort Rescue Kit:
SuperComfort Tooth Powder
SuperComfort Mouth Detox
SuperComfort Oil Massage
Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash

Is there a cure for gum disease?
As mentioned in the above question, we aren't medical professionals, or dentists, we can't recommend a treatment for this problem, however we can offer some insight into what causes the condition and ways to help find relief and nourishment for the gums. Gum disease is strongly correlated with an overgrowth of the bacteria, p.gingivalis. This is often brought about because of a build-up of plaque which allows this bacteria to get out of hand and cause decay. We believe that putting a halt to the bacterial overgrowth and helping to physically remove plaque with our gentle abrasives, such as clay and miswak – that it is possible to help reduce or even reverse gum disease. Our customers have shared with us many inspiring success stories after using our products. Customers have shared with us that they have noticed their dull and lifeless gums turning happy and pink again, and that pain and swelling has reduced, and even that gums have started to grow back. Again, this is dependent on each person's body, and the regularity of using our healthy products. Not every customer has the same result, but almost everyone who uses our products are happy that they did, and notice some sort of a difference relatively soon. We hope it is the same for you.

Which dental product should I get for receding gums?
We offer a full range kit that helps those who want support and comfort dealing with gum recession. This is our SuperComfort Kit, as described above, it contains four items:
SuperComfort Tooth Powder
SuperComfort Mouth Detox
SuperComfort Oil Massage
Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash

Each of the four items in this kit are available to be purchased separately, but for best results utilizing the full protocol and all four products is recommended. It is also important to use your products consistently, and properly. Each kit is shipped with full instructions for the order of use, and how often is appropriate. Don't forget to floss!

What is the best product for gum disease and receding gums?
Our full SuperComfort Kit offers the most support, however, if you are looking to try just one product to get started, most often we recommend the SuperComfort Powder for brushing.

What is the difference between your 3 Tooth Powders?
Each of our three tooth powders offer unique benefits that can help improve the health of teeth, gums and mouth ecology.

SuperComfort Powder is a tooth powder for those who are dealing with moderate to severe issues with their teeth and gums. This is to help improve and soothe issues related to gum disease, gum recession, bleeding, inflammation, sore teeth, loose gums, and other severe issues. This formula contains herbs, spices and clays that are healing and nurturing.

Happy Teeth and Gum Powder is a tooth powder for those who do not currently have any issues with their teeth and gums, or perhaps those who have mild to moderate issues. The main goal with our happy powder is to help maintain and prevent issues from arising at all. This Powder is wonderful at helping prevent plaque build-up and cavities. It is so great at removing plaque that you might feel like you just got home from the dentist for a cleaning. This formula is also great at whitening and removing stains on the teeth from coffee, tea or herbs.

Smile Aloha Natural Whitening Powder is much like the happy powder described above in that it is helpful for mild to moderate issues, and prevention. In addition to these dental health benefits it is extremely effective at removing plaque and lifting stains from the teeth! Our natural charcoal whitener helps to remove stains from coffee, tea, herbs, chocolate, smoking, etc. and is safe enough to use daily, with no sensitivity or irritation!

So the question for you is, what are you working on when it comes to oral health? Is it more prevention and maintenance, or deep healing for severe issues? Getting clear on your own mouth and goals for dental health will help you decide which powder is more appropriate for you. And of course, you are always welcome to call and discuss it with us for help.

Can I wait 5 minutes after brushing with your tooth powder, before I rinse?

The typically recommended method for using our tooth powders is to first rinse with warm water, then brush with the powder, then floss with the powder still in the mouth, and finally rinse again with warm water.

Those who have a stronger need for comfort and support may choose to leave the powder in their mouth for a few minutes before rinsing, however it is not necessary. ALWAYS be sure to rinse well after brushing.

Do I need to stop using my regular toothpaste when I start with your tooth powder?
This is completely up to you. Many of our customers share that they replaced their regular tooth paste with our powders. Other customers use our powder after brushing with a toothpaste.

What is the difference between your Mouth Detox and Mouthwash?
Our Mouth Detox is a formula for oil pulling, while our Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash is used like a traditional mouthwash. Oil pulling is a method that involves the prolonged swishing of a properly cured, herb-infused oil to help detoxify and rejuvenate the tissues of the mouth. Read our full blog about oil pulling, here. On the other hand, our Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash is aloe vera and essential oil based, used to help prevent the growth of plaque and bacteria, while also freshening the breath and soothing any sore or inflamed areas. The aloe vera present in our mouthwash can help stimulate the growth of gums.

How long can I swish with your Mouthwash? Do I have to rinse?
A few minutes swishing with our mouthwash is recommended. If you prefer to swish for a little bit longer, that is just fine. Spit when you're done, and there is no need to rinse!

How long does it take for my receding gums to come back?
Each person's mouth and body is unique. One person may experience results quickly, while for others it may take longer. One thing we know for sure is the longer you use the health promoting products in our dental line, the more of a chance there is for your mouth to become healthier. The longer one uses our products, the healthier their teeth and gums can become. Don't give up if your results are not quite where you want them to be!

Most people do notice some type of benefit after the first week or two of using the product, whether it be smooth and clean teeth from less plaque, or a soothing to sore and inflamed gums. Those who use our whitening powder share that they notice a difference after just one use. See what these products can do for you, and report back! We love to hear your stories of success.

Please be aware that oral inflammation interacts with bodily inflammation. Oral inflammation will increase bodily inflammation and vice versa. If you wish to reduce oral inflammation it is beneficial to consider how to reduce inflammation in the body via to diet, lifestyle and routine.

How does tooth enamel get yellow or discolored?
There are two main reasons.

1. Glycerin, an additive in most dental products creates a sticky residue that coats the enamel. This is called a biofilm. This biofilm makes the teeth sticky, and causes powders, herbs, spices and other fine substances to stick to it. Customers with thick layers of glycerin biofilm on their teeth may experience this, however it will quickly resolve when that biofilm is removed. The way to remove this biofilm is by gently brushing with a soft and gentle powder such as our own tooth powders. The more you use our powders, the more quickly this sticky layer will be removed. This temporary discoloration displays how important it is to remove this sticky biofilm caused from plaque build-up and glycerin. No need to worry, it is quickly remedied! Be persistent and continue brushing!

Read our blog on the harmful effects of glycerin in dental products, here.

2. Porous enamel is another reason teeth may look (temporarily) discolored. Porous enamel can arise from genetic predisposition, orthodontic erosion, over whitening with chemicals, and lack of proper nutrients. This causes finely powdered substances like clay and herbs to rest in these porous surfaces. Just like the glycerin biofilm, this is only temporary and can be quickly removed by gentle brushing and a good rinse. The longer you use our nourishing dental products the stronger your enamel can become. Porous enamel should lessen over time by using these nutrient dense products.

What is the difference between PPM and B3?
Both our Primordial Plant Minerals and our B3 Alkalizer drops are made from fulvic/humic trace minerals. Each of them have a naturally alkalizing effect on the body. The B3 Alkalizer is in an already alkalized form, and the Primordial Plant Minerals will have an alkalizing effect on the body, but begins acidic (on the pH scale), due to its amino acid content. Once digested and processed by the body, the result is an alkalizing effect.

Both mineral drops are used in very small doses, and taken in a glass of water. Primordial Plant Minerals are a bit stronger than the B3 Alkalizing drops, and require even fewer drops. See each page and instructions for exact dosage recommendations.

To read more about fulvic acid and the benefits it has, read our blog, here.

Does B3 have more fulvic or humic acid?
Our mineral drops are comprised of fulvic acid, which is a type humic acid. Fulvic acid is the portion of the humic acid that is lower in molecular wieght and smaller in size. Its smaller size makes it more bioavailable and able to reach the cells of our bodies. Both Primordial Plant Minerals and B3 Alkalizer are made from fulvic/humic acid. Read more about fulvic trace minerals here.

How frequently should I use your hair serum?
The hair serum can be used each time you take a shower and wash your hair. If this is daily, use the serum daily, if this is every other day, use it every other day. If it is less, that's okay too. For those who wash their hair extremely infrequently, you are welcome to make the solution and pour it over your dry hair and then massage into the scalp. As an option, you can massage into dry hair before bedtime and towel dry to leave on the scalp during your sleep. The fluid will not stain anything. Wear a night cap, or not, your choice. This way you are able to use the serum each night. We expect that the more often you use, the more benefit in helping scalp and hair growth to be improved.

Since the hair serum is the last step after washing or conditioning one's hair, it will remain on the scalp and continue to work its wonders until it is washed off and applied again.

Read more about our hair serum, and ways to boost hair growth naturally by reading our blog: Hairloss 101- How to Get Healthier, Thicker Hair - Naturally.

When should I use your hair serum?
Our Miracle Hair Serum is to be used after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Once you have rinsed your shampoo and or conditioner from your hair, make your solution with our serum. Then pour this solution on to your scalp, reaching all surfaces of the scalp. Next massage the serum into the scalp, and get out of the shower! Do NOT rinse the serum off after applying. Don't worry, it won't cause a stickiness or oily look. As an option, you can massage into dry hair before bedtime and towel dry to leave on the scalp during your sleep. The fluid will not stain anything. Wear a night cap, or not, your choice. This way you are able to use the serum each night. We expect that the more often you use, the more benefit in helping scalp and hair growth to be improved.

How long should I keep the hair serum on my hair?
Keep the serum on your scalp until the next time you wash your hair or take a shower. Remember, we do not rinse the hair serum off, but pour it onto the head just before getting out of the shower. Be sure to massage it into the scalp thoroughly.

Can you explain the benefits of Nose-to-Brain?
The nasal passages are ones that should be continually nurtured and nourished. A well moisturized nasal area can help prevent coughs and colds that are often caused by dryness.

Customers have reported the following benefits from using Nose-to-Brain:

-Promotes optimal performance of the brain and nervous system
-Supports mental clarity and recall
-Helps remove brain fog
-Allows for sharp focus and attention
-Soothes nasal area
-Helps sinus congestion
-Relieves nasal dryness
-Eases headaches
-Promotes restful sleep
-Helps keep immune system strong and prevent colds and flu
-Relieves from jet lag – use while traveling
-Helps with allergies

Why would I want to use your Nose-to-Brain?
If you experience dryness of the nose or throat, irritated sinus passages or congestion, Nose-to-Brain may be a great ally to you. Those who experience tension and sore neck and shoulders often find relief from the soothing effect of our Nose-to-Brain. Those who experience brain fog notice an increase in sharpness and alertness while using this product. Look to the above answer to see more about results that are possible with this nasal oil. It may be used in the same fashion that Ayurvedic “Nasya” oils are used.

What is the sequence I should use the products in the SuperComfort 'Rescue' Kit? Do I have to use them all at once? What if I don't have time to use one of them?
Each kit comes with full instructions for proper use. It is recommended to complete the routine twice daily. Once in the morning, and once in the evening before bed. The most important time is in the evening before bed, so that your mouth can rejuvenate and experience the benefits of your freshly cleaned mouth while you sleep.

If you ever run out of time and can't complete the full routine, just do what you can. The more you can squeeze in, the better. If you only have time to complete the protocol once per day, choose the evening. Never skip because you don't have time for the full routine. Just do what you can, as often as you can. For best results, prioritize this dental routine into your routine. If you are faced with a short period of time: the tooth powder is the most important, then the mouth detox, mouthwash next, and oil massage last.

The order to use the SuperComfort Kit is as follows.

1. Rinse the mouth with warm water.
2. Massage the gums with SuperComfort Oil Massage.
3. Brush the teeth with SuperComfort Powder.
4. Floss the teeth while the powder remains in the mouth.
5. Rinse the powder with warm water.
6. Use the Mouth Detox for oil pulling (5-20 mins)
7. Rinse again with warm water.
8. Use a tongue scraper at this time.
9. Finish by swishing with the Healthy Teeth and Gums Mouthwash.

See full, detailed instructions below.

SuperComfort Rescue Kit

For a preventive treatment, use 2-3-4 times a week. If your time is limited, it is not mandatory to use all four steps at once. Do what you can when you can do it. For those with serious conditions use more often.

Step 1: SuperComfort Oil Massage

  • RINSE: It is useful to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm to hot water before you start.

  • SHAKE: It is important to shake the oil up thoroughly and make sure the contents are distributed.

  • TRANSFER: Please put about half a teaspoon of the oil in the palm of your clean hand or glass dish.

  • MASSAGE: Dip your finger or the flossing toothbrush in the oil mixture and thoroughly but gently massage teeth and especially ALL your gums. Use small clockwise circles both on your teeth and also ALL areas of your gums. The warmth and massaging stimulates the circulation in the gums.

If you are only using the SuperComfort Oil Massage then continue with:

  • FLOSSING: Once you have the oil on your teeth and gums, you can elect to gently floss at this time. This will allow the oil to get to those areas only flossing can reach. Follow your dentist instructions for proper flossing. Note: Using a “flossing toothbrush” does not replace flossing,

  • RINSE: It is important to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with warm to hot water. Do not swallow/ingest the oil or powder.

STEP 2: SuperComfort Rescue Powder Massage

  • TRANSFER: Place about a quarter to half teaspoon of the powder onto the palm of a clean hand and then use your finger for massage or your toothbrush. Do not wet powder in jar. A convenient option is to dip your DRY toothbrush directly into the DRY powder in jar. Please do not wet the powder in the jar. The saliva in your mouth is adequate for brushing.

  • MASSAGE: Thoroughly, but gently massage teeth with the powder and gently pack and push the powder into the gums and gum-line. Pay attention to problematic areas. The powder will help draw out toxins.

  • FLOSSING: Once you have the oil and powder on your teeth and gums, you can elect to gently floss at this time. This will allow the products to get to those areas only flossing can reach. Follow your dentist instructions for proper flossing. Note: Using a “flossing toothbrush” does not replace flossing.

  • RINSE: It is important to rinse your mouth out thoroughly with warm to hot water. Do not swallow/ingest the oil or powder.

STEP 3: SuperComfort Rescue Mouth Detox: An ancient formula for modern gum health

  • SHAKE: It is important to vigorously shake the bottle to thoroughly distribute any settled contents.

  • TRANSFER: Place put about 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons in your mouth.

  • SWISH: Easily swish the oil mixture thoroughly around your mouth so it can get to all areas. The swishing will stimulate the saliva to mix with the oil. Continue swishing for as long as is comfortable and easy. Swishing during your shower or other activity is time-effective. Be sure to swish without effort or without swallowing the oil mixture while you are doing some other activity. If necessary, you can just swish for 1 or 2 minutes. Do not ingest.

  • RINSE: When you have finished, spit the resulting mixture out into the trash or toilet. Do not swallow. Thoroughly rinse your mouth out with comfortably hot to warm water. Do not ingest.

  • Optional: You can use a tongue cleaner/scraper at this time.

STEP 4: Healthy Teeth & Gum MOUTHWASH (It is FULL STRENGTH. Do not dilute)

  • TRANSFER & SWISH: Put about a teaspoon or so into your mouth and thoroughly swish again throughout your entire mouth for about 30 seconds or as long as is comfortable. This fresh product is undiluted, full strength, so only a little is needed for the desired effect.

  • When finished, spit all the mouthwash out. Do not ingest. For children: Supervise use.

  • Not intended to be ingested.

  • For children: Supervise use.

Which items in the SuperComfort kit are the most important to use if I don't have time for them all?
As mentioned above, if you don't have time for the full protocol, simply do what you can. Most of us brush every morning and evening, one can always make time for brushing with the SuperComfort powder. Likewise, swishing with the mouthwash is also quite quick and easy to work in.

Which products are the most important to use if I only want one to start?

Each of our products have their own unique qualities and each person's body is unique. With this being said, the most appropriate product for you, and your mouth and body will be different from someone else. You are welcome to call us and describe your dental health goals and discomforts, we are happy to point you in the right direction.

For most, the best place to start would be by using one of our natural tooth powders. We have three tooth powders, each one is great, but one or the other might be more appropriate for you, and your goals.

SuperComfort Powder is helpful for those who are in need of moderate to severe support with issues like gum disease, gum recession, swollen and inflamed gums, loose teeth, bleeding, etc.

Happy Teeth and Gum Powder is helpful for prevention and maintenance, and for those who need support with mild to moderate teeth and gums problems such as bad breath, plaque build-up, sensitivity, inflammation and preventing cavities.

Smile Aloha Natural Whitener is much like the Happy Teeth and Gums Powder mentioned above, but additionally offers a more direct stain lifting action that helps with whitening teeth and removing stains. This tooth powder also helps reduce bad breath, sensitivity and plaque build-up.

For those who are experiencing a great deal of inflammation and pain or sensitivity of the gums, our Healthy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash may be a good place to start, even before adding a powder. This is also appropriate for those recovering from dental surgeries. The aloe vera in the formula is very soothing and helps promote the growth of new gums and healing.

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