The Truth About Fulvic Acid

The Truth About Fulvic Acid

What are these "magic" minerals, and what can they do for me?
An important question to ask yourself: Are you lacking the one key ingredient that helps the cells of your body unlock the benefits of vitamins, macro-minerals, enzymes and antioxidants?

That key ingredient is Fulvic/Humic Minerals!

Fulvic trace minerals are now considered to be one of the most important nutritional discoveries in the past 100 years. Adding these highly concentrated plant-based minerals to your regimen can bring tremendous nourishment and improve the function of the entire body. And this step for improving health is as easy as a few drops per day.

What are fulvic minerals?
Fulvic minerals are the result of the natural decomposition of ancient plants and slow synthesis of biological molecules. The slow break down of these prehistoric plants over 34 million years creates the mature fulvic mineral compounds that are so beneficial to our bodies today. True fulvic compounds that are mature and most helpful to us all are ones that have formed over a long, long period of time, naturally and slowly by the hand of nature. These compounds produced by bacteria are huge in size, much like hemoglobin or chlorophyll (see picture). At the core of these molecules is usually bound a trace mineral. It is not possible to synthesized in a lab and duplicate nature’s intelligence.

The Difference between Fulvic and Humic?
Fulvic acid is a humic acid that is lighter in molecular weight and higher in oxygen than non-fulvic humic acids, that is what defines the difference between the two. Fulvic acids are still Humic acids.

How do they work?
Fulvic acid molecules are ionically charged in their natural form and this causes them to be able to link up with the trace minerals and nutrients that surround them. Because of this, they are able to carry the minerals right into the system wanting to absorb it, in this case the human body! Some evidence has shown that these acids can carry 60x their weight in surrounding minerals (in the soil)!

Antioxidant, too.
Because fulvic acid can give electrons to free radicals in the body they are even considered to be anti-oxidants! We all know about the incredible preventative effects of getting anti-oxidants into the body.

What can fulvic minerals do for me?
Fulvic minerals help the body to take up nutrients. They have the ability to “open up” the cells, acting as a dilator to increase cell permeability. This allows an easier transfer of minerals, and thus increases the uptake of nutrients in the body. It is essentially making all the nutrients we want more bioavailable and efficiently absorbed after eating. This means that a person eating a diet rich in healthy, nutrient dense foods will benefit even more from what they are eating because the body is able to assimilate everything more efficiently.

What else does this mean? It means that herbs and supplements become more efficient. The body is able to perform all its many functions more efficiently, and the result is a healthier person!

Customers who use a high quality, slowly matured and concentrated fulvic trace mineral supplement daily, (like our Primordial Plant Minerals) have shared with us so many wonderful results. Among them are these.

Fulvic Trace Minerals have been reported to help:
-Increase energy and vitality
-Reduce brain fog and exhaustion
-Remove body toxins and various pollutants in the body
(radiation, pesticides, herbicides, etc.)
-Normalize high blood pressure
-Promote absorption of vitamin and mineral supplements
-Magnify the effect of herbal teas, tinctures, supplements
-Optimize cellular function
-Restore electrochemical and hormone balance
-Stimulate body enzyme systems
-Rebuild and support the immune system
-Aid in brain oxygenation

Another important function of fulvic minerals is its ability to help keep the body hydrated. Adding a few drops of a high quality concentrated fulvic mineral supplement, like our Primordial Plant Minerals helps the body stay healthily hydrated with a nice dose of electrolytes and amino acids needed to maintain balance. This is especially helpful for those who are exercising, and is extremely replenishing after playing sports or working hard.

Best Fulvic Minerals to Use?
To effectively return optimum cellular integrity and electrical potential to your body’s cells, fulvic mineral supplements should contain a minimum of sixty trace minerals and elements. They must also contain a minimum of 10% oxygen, trace amounts of amino acids, and they must be from a plant-origin and chelated with (or bound to) fulvic and humic acids. Trace minerals that contain no measurable fulvic or humic acid are not of plant-origin. It is important to check to see exactly what is in the mineral drops you are interested in using.

We are happy to be able to help with this part by providing the highest quality of concentrated fulvic trace minerals in the form of Primordial Plant Minerals and our B3 Alkalizing Drops. Our fulvic trace minerals are extracted from an ancient plant deposit consisting of both freshwater and oceanic layers of sediment from prehistoric plants in North America. They are extracted via a natural water method after being properly cured.

Quality Counts.
These rich and mature fulvic acid molecules come from the plant deposits that were formed 34 million years ago! The structure of the ancient minerals is quite different from the fulvic molecules that are synthesized or made through chemical processes, this is especially because of the microbial activity in these deep mineral rich soils that created these mature fulvic acid molecules that cannot be made in any other way. This is a slow, and ancient natural process that provides us with such a rich result!

Packaging is important, too.
Since these minerals are so efficient at removing toxins from their environment it is important to purchase minerals that come in glass bottles, with glass droppers only. Any trace minerals purchased in plastic containers can be contaminated by the plastic because of the toxins that are drawn out into the liquid.

Here at the Anti-Aging Company we take it one step further, and we think it is important to use lead-free glass for the same reason. All of our fulvic trace minerals, Primordial Plant Minerals and the B3 Alkalizer are packaged in lead-free dark glass bottles.

You want to be sure that the fulvic minerals you are using come from a pure and untouched source. It is also important to note that the mature high quality fulvic minerals come from ancient plant deposits, not unclean and non-concentrated sources like lakewater or ferments in a lab. Be sure you know what you're getting and how pure it is.

The certificate of analysis for our fulvic mineral drops shows that they are virtually free of all heavy metals.The once-living prehistoric plant matter of organic origin is one of the most bio-ionically transferable natural mineral forms known to science. We carefully examined the Certificate of Analysis of other mineral sources and our minerals were the only ones virtually free of heavy metals. These minerals are present in colloidal form, bound to organic, complex molecules.

The reason we say “virtually” free of heavy metals, is because all soil and food sources contain at least minute amounts of many heavy metals along with the elements and minerals in that environment.

One way to test the concentration of the product you are using is by adding just one to three DROPS to a glass of water. It should immediately transform into a light yellowish color. If it does not, and remains clear the minerals are not highly concentrated and likely are not of high quality, either. One drop of our Primordial Plant Minerals in a little water quickly changes color. Look at the picture below to see what we mean.

To show you how to test the concentration of your minerals at home we decided to do a little demonstration. Using plain water, simply add one to three drops of your fulvic minerals into the water. This is a test you can do at home with whatever minerals you are using to test their concentration.

Before: Plain Water

After:Three drops of our Primordial Plant Minerals

As you can see the photo on the bottom has turned a gentle yellow hue. This photo contains the same water with just three drops of our Primordial Plant Minerals added to the glass. This is the type of change you should notice when testing the concentration of your fulvic minerals.

Just a few drops each day can work wonders, and a little goes a long way. If the fulvic minerals you are using are highly concentrated and of excellent quality, this is all that is needed. We love this easy to use method (a few drops in a glass of water) for getting the fulvic minerals our bodies so deeply crave, and we hope you will love them too.

To read more about our trace mineral drops, dosage or instructions for use, click here, and try some today!

Have you tried using a fulvic acid supplement? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Sep 27th 2018

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