Hair Loss 101: How to Get Healthier, Thicker Hair - Tips for Increasing Hair Growth Naturally!

Hair Loss 101: How to Get Healthier, Thicker Hair - Tips for Increasing Hair Growth Naturally!

One of the secrets to truly healthy hair, is in taking care of the scalp.

If the scalp is nourished and balanced with hair follicles that are not clogged or inflamed, the hair has a chance to grow in thicker, more pigmented and strong. There are a number of reasons this might not be the case. And, of course, we want to be nourishing the entire body, eating healthily and reducing stress and tension, too! But topically speaking, to get healthy hair, the scalp is where we want to focus, not just the actual hair.

We want the scalp to be healthy and free of any build-up that could be blocking new hair from growing in, and we want the body to be healthy and nourished with all the vital nutrients needed to do it's job, including building healthy hair roots and follicles.

This blog will give you some ideas for both. Here's to improving the health of your scalp and body to increase hair growth, reduce hair loss and encourage beautiful, healthy locks of hair!

Are you doing everything you can to improve the health of your hair and scalp? Use this list to inspire new ideas and ways to nourish the body and improve hair growth.

1. Scalp Massage:
Let's get that blood flowing! Massaging the head and scalp can increase blood flow and circulation, which can help stimulate hair growth. And it feels nice, too! Take a moment each day, whether it be before bed each night, or upon rising, and massage the scalp for a few minutes. We tend to carry a lot of tension in our neck, jaw and shoulders as well. To help relieve tightness and tension, try massaging the entire head as well as these areas. You may be pleasantly surprised at how nurturing this can be. Tip: just after getting out of the shower is a nice time to do this.

2. Diet and Lifestyle
We all have heard it before, eating nutrient dense fruits and vegetables with healthy oils such as coconut, olive and ghee is a great way to improve overall health. Avoid processed and chemical laden foods especially those containing GMOs, artificial coloring or flavoring, and preservatives. Focus on organic, whole foods instead. Any exercise or practice that helps improve mood and reduce stress is always a great idea, too.

Vitamin B: B vitamins are an important nutrient for healthy hair, skin and complexion. A high quality B Complex is a great idea.

Trace Minerals: Be sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function properly. Using trace minerals can promote absorption of healthy nutrients in the body and magnify the effects of herbs and vitamins as well as transporting toxins out of the body. Reduce inflammation and improve overall health and immunity by giving your body the minerals it needs. This boost in health can stimulate the health and growth of hair as well. If you are looking for one to try, our Primordial Plant Mineral drops are easy to use and contain essential amino acids and powerful natural electrolytes to restore balance in the body.

Fish Oil: Reduce inflammation in the body by adding a high quality fish oil to your regimen. This can help improve the quality of your hair and skin as well.

3. Get regular trims, trimming split ends has been showed to encourage more growth. Every 6 weeks is a good time frame for getting a trim.

4. Avoid chemical-filled shampoos and conditioners:
Our skin is like a sponge that quickly absorbs any and everything that we place on it. Because of this, we want to be sure to only put healthy ingredients anywhere on our body. These chemicals are irritants to the external surfaces of the skin as well, and this can damage the very delicate skin on top of our heads.

Make sure you aren't using harsh, chemical laden shampoos or conditioners that can strip the scalp of it's protective layer of skin, and the microflora that helps keep everything healthy and protected. Many chemicals found in these products can create a waxy coat on the scalp that clogs the pores and prevents nutrients from getting to the hair root. If the hair root is blocked, there is not so much room for new growth!

These chemical shampoos can also dry out the hair and scalp, causing the body to create an excess of sebum to compensate for this dryness. This gives the hair an oily look. Avoid products with glycerin, which is a humectant that draws moisture out from deeper layers of skin, essentially drying it from the inside out. Another ingredient to run from is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or ammonium lauryl sulfate, any of the other sulfates commonly found in shampoos. These chemical soaps can strip the scalp of it's healthy oils and protective barrier as well, causing all sorts of imbalances and preventing nourishment from getting to the hair root.

5. Scalp nourishment:
Allow the magic to happen! Use healthy, gentle and nourishing hair products that can gently penetrate the waxy chemical build-up from shampoos and conditioners while also delivering nutrients to the hair roots. You can do this by using products that contain healthy, nutritive oils and herbal extracts that are able to get to the places they are needed, and work their magic.

Here are some star ingredients that can stimulate the growth of new hair and condition the scalp through topical application, each one being an ingredient in our Miracle Hair Serum that we sell right here on our site -- and we are so happy to be able to provide it for you too, and in an already blended formula that is not messy or difficult to use.

Rice germ oil: Rice germ oil can moisturize, sooth and nourish the scalp and hair. It can prevent dandruff and flaking from occurring. This is especially useful for those with scalps and hair that are damaged or dried out from hair dye or harsh shampoos. If the area is inflamed or irritated rice bran oil can calm it down and help repair damaged follicles. Rice germ oil is also said to stimulate the growth of new hair!

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a cooling, soothing and deeply moisturizing oil. This oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help heal and prevent any infections in the scalp. Dandruff has been linked to fungal infections, and coconut oil can help to reverse this condition while also acting as a protective barrier on the scalp to protect the area from the harshness of shampooing. Coconut oil on the hair can help it stay shiny and smooth, and help prevent split ends.

Indian Gooseberry: This is a star ingredient here, with some clinical research studies proving it's effectiveness. The topical application of Indian Gooseberry, or amla, has been shown to increase the rate of reproduction of dermal papilla skin cells. These cells are responsible for the regulation and growth of hair follicles. This means that amla berry can actually increase the production and growth of new hair!

Kaffir Lime Oil: Kaffir Lime Oil has been shown to help reduce the progression of male balding. It can moisturize the scalp as well, and it smells delicious!

Using our hair serum is different than directly applying these oils to the scalp because they are blended in the perfect ratio to promote healing without greasing up the hair or causing too much stimulation. After use the hair is fluffy and clean, smelling delightful and feeling full. Our hair serum is a perfect way to revitalize and nurture scalps that have been abused or abandoned in the past.

The Miracle Hair Serum is totally natural and stimulates new hair growth by improving the health of the scalp with the power of the star nourishing ingredients mentioned above.

If this sounds like a formula that could help you, read more about our Hair Serum, here.

Results using our special hair serum:
Utilizing the power of these skin healthy and hair stimulating ingredients, customers have reported a thickening of hair, as well as shine, and improving dullness and color! Those who have lost hair share that the loss has been reduced and in some cases hair even starts to grow back. One gentleman who had gray hair reported that the color had returned to his graying head! All this simply by allowing the hair roots to breathe freely, accept the nutrition they need, and do what they do best: grow hair.

While it is best to avoid the chemically laden products we mentioned before, if you do use a less-than-perfect shampoo or conditioner -- using our hair serum can actually help repair the damage done, and still allow the hair roots to breathe and heal.

Full ingredient list: Rice germ oil, coconut oil, Kaffir lime oil, Menispermacene, Indian Gooseberry, Proprietary blend of essential oils, rare herbal extracts and rose quartz crystals.

Now you have got some wonderful, practical ideas for improving the health of your scalp, hair follicles and overall wellness! Pick one or two of these ideas, and start them today. We would love to hear how your experience goes. Leave a comment below to share your tips and tricks, and what things have worked for you.

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