Glyphosate: Be Concerned - Be Aware

Glyphosate: Be Concerned - Be Aware

Important: We have to do all we can to avoid glyphosate!

There is a definite buzz about the lack of safety concerning herbicides like glyphosate and its potentially harmful effects.

The wide spread scare is about the associations between the chemical buildup of glyphosate and the development of problems such as cancer, diabetes, infertility, and asthma, just to name a few.

This blog is to alert you to something important that we have to be attentive and mindful about.

The question to ask yourself is: “What can I do to avoid glyphosate?”
The first and foremost consideration is to make organic and nonGMO products a priority. We are not talking just about the food products that you consume, but also about ingredients there are in your dental and personal care products. If your dental hygiene products are not made with ingredients that are certified organic, nonGMO, wildcrafted and 100 percent pure, there is a good chance you are putting glyphosate and other chemicals directly into your bloodstream. Please be sure to read below to find out why we said these chemicals can be absorbed "directly into your bloodstream."

Do your dental products contain glyphosate?
It is not listed on the label, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Whenever you are using products made with non-organic ingredients, you can be certain there is glyphosate residue in the product.

Here at Anti-Aging Company, we feel it is important to share with you everything that we have learned on our own journey to vibrant health and wellness. We want to present this knowledge in an easy to understand and accessible way. We also know its not always easy to make sense of all the new information that is being discovered. We are here to help you sort through the endless information and to understand how to use it. Most importantly, we want to help you to make informed decisions about your body, your mouth and your health.

When it comes to dental products, we understand the importance of formulas that are extremely effective, as well as, fully safe and 100 percent pure. Our attention is on making products that fit our high standards. We are dedicated to creating formulas with the highest quality and purest ingredients that are available anywhere. We want our customers to avoid exposure to harmful glyphosate and other chemical and synthetic additives. Our goal is to help them achieve this.

Keep reading for vitally important information regarding your health.

We want you to become aware of how dental products, along with any formula applied topically, has the ability to go straight into our bloodstream, without the filtration that takes place via digestion. Let's discuss this, and find out why one’s standards for dental care should match or exceed the standards for what they choose to eat. We also want to further explore the dangers of unnatural chemical residue from glyphosate and explain why we work hard to avoid them in our products.

What goes in your mouth goes straight to your blood.
It is true that using products topically, such as in the mouth, produces quite a different result from what happens in the body when when we eat something. During the digestive process our food goes through the many levels of filtration to keep us safe and healthy – this is a luxury we do not experience when using products topically. What does this mean for us? Each and every ingredient and its purity is vitally important when considering dental care products. This makes considering the presence of chemical residues like herbicides from non-organic ingredients extremely important. One of these, which seems to be ubiquitous in all conventionally grown foods and ingredients is glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a harmful herbicide used widely in the U.S.
There has been a big scare in the news these days that glyphosate and other herbicides increase our risk for diseases such as cancer by as much as 40%. With these chemicals infecting our food, air and water, we have to do all that we can to protect ourselves. We all know the benefits of eating a healthy, organic, nonGMO, whole food diet. However, a fact often overlooked is the finding that purity of the products we put ON our bodies or in our mouths, topically, is just as important as what we consume, and put IN our bodies, via eating.

Eating vs Absorbing:Here is the story in more detail.
When we eat, our bodies perform an intricate process that involves the break down, filtration and removal of wastes as well as assimilation of nutrients into our cells. The digestive organs play a large role in helping to lessen the effect of ingredients containingresidual pesticidesandherbicides in our food. While we are certainly still absorbing some of the toxins when eating chemical-laden food, our digestive system is able to helpfully remove some of them, or at least lighten our load.

When we use products topically, our body does not get thesame chance to filter out wastes as it does when we eat food. Because this important filtration process does not take place, products and their ingredients soak right in to the blood stream. This is why some medicines are administered sublingually, to be absorbed more quickly, and bypass the digestive system. The same logic can be applied withdental care products. For example, using harsh, chemical-laden mouthwashes and toothpastes allows the toxins and chemicals it contains to enter our bloodstream without filtration. Not all chemicals are small enough to penetrate the skin and then become absorbed into our blood. However, many of themare, and thepresenceof othercommon chemicals, like alcohol, help break down larger chemicals into a size that is absorbable. So the risk is palpable. Thisis especially importantto consider with dental products since we use them twice per day or more.

We all know how important it is to eat “clean.”
Now it is time to prioritize
the purity our topical products, too.
Using unnatural products that contain synthetics and chemicals can certainly be problematic. But, as we alluded earlier, it is not just chemical additives that pose a problem. Herbicides like glyphosate can play just as strong a role in adding to our chemical load. Productsmade with “natural” but non-organicingredients most definitely contain residue from glyphosate and should, therefore be avoided.

Is glyphosate building up in YOUR body?
The wide use of glyphosate in farming has caused it to be present in our air, water, soil, and food. Its ubiquitous presence in our environment has caused it to be just as present in our bodies. For example, urine tests have detected glyphosate in humans. There have been studies exploring the use of glyphosate and its possible association with many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, asthma, infertility and more. While there is not enough evidence to absolutely link these two, there is evidence displaying that these herbicides are toxic, even when used in amounts below regulatory limits for safety. The studies claiming to have found it to be “safe,” were funded by companies who sell the product, thus rendering their information biased and untrustworthy. It is clear that more research needs to be done about specific chemicals used in agriculture, but it is certain that we do not want them to accumulate in our bodies, however that may affect us.

Can Glyphosate alter DNA?
Glyphosate has a structure similar to the amino acid glycine, and acts as amino acid analogue. Because of this, glyphosate may even have the possibility to substitute itself in, taking the place of glycine during protein synthesis, which can lead to problems involving DNA altering. This may contribute to the rise of autoimmune disease. There is no way of knowing all of the possible risks associated with this harsh chemical. The best plan of action is to avoid it as much as possible. So, what can we do?
Of course, we want to eat certified organic, nonGMO certified food.Again,we have to also be very aware of the ingredients in the products we put on our skin and in our mouth, in order to maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth ecology, and a happy healthy body.Non-organicplants are almost always grown using glyphosate based herbicides. This is no light thing. It is extremely important to be attentive in checking labels and the sources of the foods that we eat and the products that we buy.Our bodies are already taxed with the task of removing the heavy chemical load that comes along with modern living. This is why we make healthy choices to help our bodies in each way that we can.

Dental products made without chemicals or synthetics are the safer alternative.
We believe it is important to use skincare and dental products that are made with natural ingredients, and free of harmful chemical preservatives and synthetics. This is important if we want to avoid soaking up chemicals and ingredients we wouldn’t dream of eating. The ironic thing about this scenario is that we place limits on what we are willing to consume, yet we apply topically those same ingredients, not knowing they can be absorbed into the bloodstream even more quickly. For this same reason, its important to remember that healthy, natural ingredients that have the ability to nurture and nourish the body. When natural products are administered topically they can benefit the entire body.

Organic matters.
It is also important to mention that most companies do not use organic essential oils or raw materials for their “natural” products. Not only should we watch to be sure there aren’t chemicals in our products, but the ingredients should be organic, too.

Our products contain natural ingredients, without chemicals, and also improve our health.
The exciting thing about using dental products that contain health promoting ingredients is that their benefits can reach even further throughout the body. Our ingredients are pure and of the highest quality, always nonGMO and organic. Each of our products contain health boosting anti-microbial essential oils that gently eliminate harmful microorganisms while leaving alone the good ones. Studies have shown that keeping the bacteria in the mouth under control helps prevent disease and inflammation within the whole body. Soothing plants like aloe vera and sesame oil are also present in our products to nurture and nourish the mouth while soothing to help the body to feel at ease.

Start today.
Simple steps toward living a less chemically toxic lifestyle make a big difference. Start by switching our some of your toxic products and replacing them with ones that are natural, pure and still effective. Still not sure where to start? Hint! you’re in the perfect place.

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Mar 22nd 2019

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