​Why You Should Be Eating Ghee Everyday

​Why You Should Be Eating Ghee Everyday

A spoonful a day keeps the doctor away!

Ghee is one of the most nurturing, nourishing foods available on earth. In AyurVedic tradition it is believed that ghee enriches our life force, and energizes our whole being. This golden substance has a range of benefits from improving digestion to easing inflammation and even calming a worried mind. Ghee is as delicious as it is healthy, and a wonderful way to ensure your body gets the healthy fats needed for a vibrant body, mind and brain. The incredible abilities of of ghee have been revered since ancient times, as noted in the AyurVedic texts, and still it rings true today.

Ghee as brain tonic.
A healthy brain needs lots of fat to do its job properly. Ghee is an excellent source of natural fat that is easily absorbed and assimilated throughout the body. This healthy fat is essential for building and maintaining a healthy brain. It supports memory and refinement of conscious experience. For centuries it has been known that ghee has a unique ability to calm and soothe the mind. Its ability to soothe, strengthen and rejuvenate allows it to act as a tonic for our entire nervous system.

Ghee has remarkable health benefits.

- Boosts memory & intelligence
- Boosts immune system
- Promotes mental clarity and sharpness
- Soothes busy minds and tense bodies
- Reduces inflammation
- Makes supplements and nutrients more accessible to the body
- Improves digestion and promotes healthy gut flora
- Improves and moisturizes skin when used topically
- Rich in antioxidants that preserve health
- Improves eyesight
- Boosts energy
- Promotes weight loss
- Removes toxins from the body
- Promotes healthy gut microflora

The AyurVedic Perspective on Ghee

In addition to the traditional method of production, AyurVeda offers a treasure trove of knowledge regarding ghee’s contribution to one’s bodily health, clarity of mind, and length of life.

In the classic Ayurvedic texts, Susruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita, ghee is described numerous times as beneficial for the entire physiology.

Regarding digestion, the texts speak of ghee’s effects on the PITTA dosha, the transformative ‘fire’ in every cell and in the digestive system. Ghee helps maintain proper levels of digestive fire, not too much and not too little. For example, "If the gastric fire is kindled by fuel in the form of ghee, then it cannot be suppressed, even by food that is too heavy."

Digestion is critical for health, and ghee can help keep the flames of digestion burning in the face of too much and too-heavy food often found in the Western diet.

AyurVedically speaking, ghee helps do all this and more:

-Stimulates nutritional transportation and the removal of wastes—Ama.
-Improves absorption and assimilation in the digestive system.
-Balances ALL three doshas—hence, Tridoshic—balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
-Increased production of the most refined substance in the physiology—Ojas.
-Creates a sattvic influence on bodily and mental functions, enhancing harmony and strength.

Ghee's predominant taste is sweet and it has an overall cooling influence on the body. It’s special effect on the body is to enhance or ‘kindle’ the digestive fire and increase the most subtle and valuable substance in the physiology--Ojas.

Traditional preparation makes a difference.

Slow and low is the key to perfection. True AyurVedic ghee is slow cooked in low temperatures and small batches. It is never to be burned, smoked or overheated. Following the traditional AyurVedic methods for proper preparation ensures the highest quality ghee with the most nutritional value. Burning or smoking the butter while making the ghee creates carcinogenic properties which are always best avoided. Some companies still use these methods with the idea of "enhancing" the flavor to make it more nutty and rich, however these same results can be achieved over time with the proper slow cooked methods we approve of.

Shopping for ghee – not all ghee is created equally.
It is important to purchase ghee that has been made with milk that comes from pasture raised cows, eating fresh grasses all year long without supplementation of grains or corn feed. The milk used to make our ghee is organic, pasture raised and of the highest quality.

Ghee helps our body to use vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Ghee is a good source of brain-healthy fat. High quality fats like ghee help us to absorb and assimilate nutrients from the other food and supplements as well. Consuming this deeply nourishing, nutrient dense fat like enables the body to function optimally. Greens and herbs cooked in ghee provide us with much more nourishment than if cook in water. Ghee is like a great key unlocking all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the foods we eat, so that the body may thrive.

Ghee for detox and weight loss.

Because the structure of fat is similar to that of toxins which are stashed away in the body, ghee is easily able to access and move them out of the body. This is why ghee is so popular for use in panchakarma and other detoxifying methods. The same idea goes for weight loss, in order for your body to release unwanted fat tissue, it must be replaced with high quality, healthy fat instead.

Ghee and digestion.
Ghee is said to have the ability to ignite the digestive flame and produce healthy digestion. When eating ghee, the body's natural release of digestive enzymes is triggered thus improving digestion and a healthy appetite.

Ghee is lactose-free.
The traditional refinement process used to create ghee includes boiling out the butter's milk solids, water, and even lactose. This is exciting for those who are lactose intolerant, and would not normally be able to consume milk or butter.

Ghee contains butyric acid, or butyrate.

Some research suggests dysfunctional digestive systems may be, in some cases, due to a lack of butyrate. Diets rich prebiotic fibrous vegetables builds the body's supply of this very helpful substance. Buryrate enhances digestion and reduces inflammation. Since ghee naturally contains butryic acid, our body handles it in a similar way, and it is thus useful in helping to build healthy gut flora. Some even consider ghee to be a prebiotic because of these shared qualities.

Promotes flexibility

Ghee can lubricate and soothe joints and connective tissue, thus improving flexibility. This allows us to move freely and without pain when exercising, walking or doing yoga asanas.

A step up for skincare

Ghee isn't just a delicious edible, it can be used for skincare and massage practices as well. Our skin craves healthy and pure sources of fat to keep it well moisturized and protected. Many AyurVedic recipes for skincare, including abhyanga massage oil often include ghee. It can be melted and massaged into the skin for a moisturizing boost, applied to dry skin or to the face to soften wrinkles. Medicinal herbal preparations for external application often use ghee as a carrier. Topical use of ghee aids in relaxation and promotes restful sleep. We even use it in our own anti-aging face cream formula, Loving Lift.

Wound healing.
Ghee has the ability to speed up recovery time with burns, cuts and bruises. Apply it topically to experience its soothing and cooling healing properties.

Cooking with ghee.
- Ghee has a high smoke point making it ideal for cooking, baking and oven roasting
- Heat ghee in a skillet and add spices as a base for cooking vegetables or grains or soup
- Drizzle over roasted vegetables
- Melt over oatmeal or warm breakfast cereals
- Add a light spoonful to coffee or tea for extra nourishment
- Drizzle over snacks like popcorn, yum!
- Use in place of butter for baking
- Spread over toast or on warm bread

Ghee is a uniquely delicious addition to all meals.

It's deliciously unique nutty flavor makes a wonderful addition to any of your favorite dishes and snacks. You may cook with ghee in the same manner you would butter, coconut oil or olive oil. It can also be used to heat up herbs and spices before cooking, and drizzled over meals for extra flavor and nutrition. Just like butter, you can spread ghee on a nice healthy piece of bread or over your roasted or steamed vegetables.

B utter, but better.

The process of clarifying butter includes slow and gentle heating to remove its impurities. This process of gentle refinement transforms the structure of butter into the delectably creamy and smooth substance we know as ghee. It is butter that has been perfected to unlock a vast range of benefits and nutrients our bodies know how to use, and are happy to have.

Ghee as a sacred gift from the cow.
Cows are known to be among the most intelligent, emotional and nurturing animals on the planet. They embody the comforting motherly aspect of nature that nourishes us all. The milk from a cow who has been tended to with care, and fed a natural pastured diet, carries with it a more subtle, nurturing medicine alongside its physically health promoting qualities. This is the benefit we get from ghee. Our anxieties are quelled, and our tensions are lessened when we enjoy this nutrient dense food.

Look no further, the best quality ghee is available here.

We are happy to be able to offer you the highest quality, most delicious organic ghee made from grass-fed, happy cows prepared with traditional AyurVedic methods! Read more about our signature Brain-Gold Organic Ghee, and try some today, by clicking here.

Share with us below. Do you use ghee as a regular part of your cooking or nutritional regimen? What is your favorite way to use ghee?

With love,
The Anti-Aging Company

Feb 11th 2019

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