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Helps Elliminate Gum Disease - Amazing Results with SuperComfort Rescue Powder!



Gail from the Heartland of America Says: 

5.0 out of 5 stars You've got to try this SuperComfort Rescue Powder! It really makes a difference!

I had a history of serious gum disease. My periodontist recommended I have surgery which I definitely wanted to avoid. I tried many procedures over the years and many different products, but this is the first time a tooth and gum product really worked!!! When I first started using it, I experienced a little bit of detoxifying, but I hung in there to see the long term effect. I trusted this powder because I could feel it working! I am so glad I kept using it because I no longer have any huge “pockets” of receding gums!!! After using the powder my gums are no longer red and inflamed. I don't have any more bleeding gums or soreness around the base of my teeth.

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The powder tastes good and is easy to use every day. 

Even my teeth feel really smooth and clean and have gotten whiter and brighter. 

My breath smells fresh, my gums are so pink and healthy, and I actually feel healthier altogether. 

Anyone suffering from gum disease knows what I'm talking about!!!

I also feel very good about the ingredients being all organic and of the highest quality. 

They are very powerful and effective!

The glass jars are of high quality (no lead content), and can be used for storing herbs or cremes

in the future.

The customer service is excellent and the company is located in the United States.

Overall, I highly recommend the Super Comfort Rescue Powder for anyone with tooth and gum problems.

GMR, very satisfied customer of all the Arenander's products.

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