Want WHITER teeth and HEALTHIER teeth AND GUMS naturally?

Want WHITER teeth and HEALTHIER teeth AND GUMS naturally?

Smile Aloha Natural Teeth Whitener is one of our favorite products here at Anti- Aging Company, and one you might not have tried. It is a very unique natural whitener that utilizes activated charcoal and other natural ingredients for a powerful, stain removing, whitening effect. There is no bleaching or stripping of the teeth's enamel, and this makes it unique healthy and super effective! 

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We believe the combination of our SuperComfort RESCUE Powder and SMILE Aloha Natural Whitener is the key to bright and shining, whiter teeth, and healthy, nurtured and happy gums.

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P.s. Are you curious about the way use these products here at Anti-Aging Company?

We use Smile Aloha Natural Whitener in the morning, and SuperComfort Rescue Powder in the evening! That way we have all our bases covered, and it feels nice too!

Sep 19th 2017

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