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Great Testimonial! Thank you Dottie from Iowa! 

Ever since I started using Happy Teeth and Gum Mouthwash several years ago, in conjunction with the Happy Teeth and Gum Tooth Powder, I have had consistently good dental checkups. I have had periodontal disease for 36 years, and have my teeth cleaned every three months to prevent further deterioration. Before starting the Happy Teeth and Gum regimen, I used to need deep scaling every few years, but now I receive nothing but praise at my cleaning visits. I no longer have any bleeding during cleanings, and my pocket measurements have been much more stable and shown fewer deep pockets. My dental hygienists and dentists are pleased with my progress and after every visit now they say, "Whatever it is you're doing, just keep doing it!" As an added benefit, the products taste good and leave my mouth feeling fresh. Thanks to Dr. Arenander and the Anti-Aging Company for developing these great products!

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